IT'S OFFICIAL! WE'VE MOVED! After many decades in the Northway Mall the time has come. The new home of Northway Shoes and Repair is at 6200 Babcock Blvd Pgh PA 15237! Right next to Andre Plaza! Thank you for all the support over the years. We are super excited for the opportunity to grow our family business in this new and improved location! Here's to a few more decades!


Over the last 30 years we have provided all types of shoe and leather repair right here at Northway Shoes and Repair.

Tony DeMarco is a Master Cobbler and has honed his skills over the last three decades.  Your shoe repair will be finished on time every time. The quality and pride in workmanship you will receive is something we are confident you will not find anywhere else.

New soles and heels -This is our most common Repair work.  If you wear out a good pair of shoes, why throw them away because the bottoms are worn out?  We can resole almost all shoes and boots.  When you get them back they will look like new and in most cases at about a third of the cost of a new pair!

We do many other shoe and leather repairs as well, stop by any time for an estimate.

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