IT'S OFFICIAL! WE'VE MOVED! After many decades in the Northway Mall the time has come. The new home of Northway Shoes and Repair is at 6200 Babcock Blvd Pgh PA 15237! Right next to Andre Plaza! Thank you for all the support over the years. We are super excited for the opportunity to grow our family business in this new and improved location! Here's to a few more decades!

About Northway Shoes

About NSR

Tony DeMarco was born and raised in Foiano, Italy a small town outside of Naples.  He came to this country at the age of 17.  Tony came to America with his family looking for new opportunities and a better way of life.  He found what he was looking for at Northway Shoes and Repair.

He worked at the store first as an employee and learned the art of shoe repair, in 1980 Tony purchased the store for his own.  The business he took over is now one of the oldest and most respected in Northway Mall and in the North Hills area, its longevity is a direct result of the owners philosophies.

Tony DeMarco believes in two things; working hard and doing things the right way!  He believes that if you follow those two simple rules; success will follow you;  that is how he has run his business for the last 30 years.  His workmanship in Shoe repair is that of a master craftsman and he will not put his name on anything less than perfection.

His ethics in dealing with his customers directly and fairly is something that you just don’t find anywhere else these days.  In fact, his store is something you just don’t find anywhere else these days.  Tony DeMarco is my father and he has dedicated most of his life to this store.  It is a business built on a relentless work ethic, respect, honesty, integrity and above all pride.  I grew up in this store as the son of the shoe maker and I am honored to someday carry its legacy on.

Danny DeMarco

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